Planters II Minerals For Agriculture

For nearly 70 years, Planters II has been used on crops throughout the United States. From midwestern corn, north western fruit, eastern vineyards, southern pecans to California alfalfa fields; if there is a crop Planters II has had the opportunity to increase both the yields and the quality of the product. It accomplishes this by meeting three major areas.

  • Plant Available
    The minerals in Planters II Fertilizer are directly plant available. What does that mean to you? The minerals are taken up directly by the plant's metabolic system, making Planters II a Fertilizer. Each of our guaranteed minerals are proven to be available.
  • pH Tolerant
    It is known that only certain minerals are available at certain pH levels. With Planters II, you take the guess work out of it. Planters II Fertilizer will work no matter your soil pH. If you have 8.4 the minerals are still available. If you have 6.2 the minerals are still available. Always available when the crop needs it - that is what makes Planters II ideal for any condition.
  • Bio-Active
    There is a difference between soil and dirt. Soil is a living, breathing organism filled with microbial life, organisms and organic matter that all works in a complex web to produce life. Your seed uses all of these, but it is very common for products to damage the life in your soil. Planters II Fertilizer is not only safe for the life in your soil, but it feeds that life promoting growth and self-sustainability.

Agronomically Proven

Planters II is agronomically proven to work for your fields and crops. Below are just a few examples of studies showing Planters II works. By introducing Planters II to your program, you are investing in your family, your farm and your future with experience, quality and tradition.

Used on fields throughout the United States, Planters II improves nutrient quality, proteins and yields.

Used on fields throughout the United States, Planters II improves brix and yields.

Used on fields throughout the United States, expect the best sugar / brix quality, quanity of yields and award winning flavors.

Want the very best trees with the highest surviability rate? North Carolina University demonstrates that Planters II is the best.

Minerals are essential for grain development. Get the best yields, root systems and production with Planters II.