Planters II For Alfalfa, Clover and Grasses

To learn about the benefits of Planters II Foundation Mineral Fertilizer for Alfalfa, Clover and Grasses, click on the image titles below. Planters II is minerals for agriculture, and your farm will benefit greatly with Planters II.

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In the high mountains of Colorado, owner Joseph E. Lionelle cuts his alfalfa fields. Imagine promising a certain percent of protien (above 20%), getting a premimum price for that quality, and getting it every time. Alfalfa grown with Planters II shows increased protein and as you can see from the picture no lodging problems. Gain the secrets of the high Colorado mountains, and that secret is Planters II.

Protein: 38% Calcium: 90%
Phosphorous: 58% Magnesium: 79%
Potassium: 71% Maganese: 121%
Average Increase in Nutrient Content for
Alfalfa, Clover and Grasses

A combined study done on alfalfa, clover and various grasses across multiple states shows that Planters II increases both the mineral content and the protein levels across the board. Increasing both mineral content and protein directly correlates to an increased relative feed value. The above figure shows the average incease across the various studies. In many cases, the amount increased was more. Invest in your fields, invest in your livestock, invest in the very best - Planters II minerals for agriculture.

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In a study performed in Lousiana, both protein and yields were tested. Digestable protein means protein that is most usuable to livestock. Planters II showed a significant difference across replicants that it increases digestable protein by noticable amounts!

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In a study performed in Lousiana, both protein and yields were tested. Yields increased by nearly 1/3, allowing the farmer to sell 3 heston stacks per acre instead of two! Imagine increasing both your yields and protein with scientific significance!

Quality and Quantity

Application Rate

For alfalfa, you will want to apply 250lbs / acre. The best time of year is when it is easiest to apply, such as when the ground is frozen or immediately after your first cutting to help the field respond quicker. Customers also commonly use applications of 200lbs /acre while the ground is frozen and an additional 150lbs / acre after the first cutting.

For grassland, we recommend 200lbs / acre. Apply once a year, early in the spring.