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Mine One of the largest granulation facilities in the United States, and a technique that helped create an industry, the U.S. Soil facility is a site to see. With five stories of equipment, a unique mine nestled within the Colorado mountains, and an operation that is like none other - our customers are welcome to come up for a visit. However, we have to limit the number of customers we can have at a time, so we ask that you contact us first and arrange your site visit. We may not be able to honor all requests as we are often traveling.

U.S. Soil does not formulate Planters II and then have another company produce the product. We do not use waste product attempting to market it as a fertilizer. The Planters mineral is a mined fertilizer as one would compare to Potash or SuperPhos. We own our mine, and it is a resource that has the potential to last. It is a serious operation, able to keep up with the increasing demands and needs of the agricultural community. It is an operation that is here to stay.

Quick Facts

  • The Planters II deposit contains roughly 1,600,000 (1.6 million) tons of ore.
  • The Planters II mill can process 200 tons finished product per shift (600 tons / day).
  • Our binding agent acts as an additional growth agent for microbial life.
  • The mine sits on top of one of the hottest geothermal zones in the State. In fact, the Planters II mineral is still baking!