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Planters II

Since 1972, Planters II has been used on farms and ranches from California to Maine. The Planters mineral is made from a naturally occurring mineral found in the Colorado Rocky Mountains near Salida, Colorado. The mineral is from a unique geologic occurrence. Using non-scientific terms, picture a freshwater lake bed that was encased in granite, and then cooked in hot springs water causing the mineral to enter a transitionial state.

In most states*, Planters II is a registered fertilizer as the guaranteed minerals are directly available to the plant. Please note Planters II is not an NPK replacement, and every farmer and rancher knows their crops need more than NPK. They need calcium, sulfur, and much more; the results speak for themselves.

Planters II Analysis

Planters II Guaranteed Analysis**
Element Minimum Guarantee
Calcium (Ca) 10%
Magnesium (Mg) 1%
Sulfur (S) 6%
Boron (B) 0.02%
Cobalt (Co) 0.0005%
Iron (Fe) 1%
Molybdenum (Mo) 0.0005%

Application Rates

Planters II has been applied to a variety of crops throughout North America. Use these rates as guidelines, and make sure to consult with your local dealer on ideal application rates for your area. A general rule of thumb, if your soil is in poor condition, take these numbers and add 25 - 50 lbs an acre. If your soil is healthy or you have been using Planters for a number of years, you can often decrease the amount by 25 - 50 lbs.

Application Rates
Broad Cast- Row crops & alfalfa 250-350 lbs / acre
Side Dress / Drilled / Band 150-250 lbs / acre
Specialty Crops 250-500 lbs / acre

Ease of Use

Planters II is granulated for ease of application. The size is compatible with current fertilizer spreaders (-8+12 mesh), weighing approximately 84lbs/cu ft in granular form. Planters II is easy to apply with a standard spreader or air seeder, and the fertilizer can be applied while seeding.

Application Targets
Some ideal targets for applying Planters II for optimum success.

  • high pH soils
    Is your soil pH causing mineral tie up? Planters II minerals are available and pH tolerant! Ideal for your high pH soils.
  • Sodic soils and saline sodic soils
    Are your soils troubled by high sodium, causing a reduction in your yields? Planters II’s available and soluble calcium is ideal to fix your soils, while increasing yields.
  • Low pH Soils causing aluminum toxicity
    Planters II assists with displacing aluminum and promoting growth.
  • Increase Yields
    If you simply want to increase your yields!

More Than Solubility

Planters II is often considered one of the original "soluble calcium" sources. This is because Planters II shows high solubility as shown below. However, there is more to the solubility. Planters II has been continuously used since 1972 when we started granulating the Planters II mineral, which had been used before that in other forms since 1947. Others have tried copying the product, and 3rd party companies have labeled the product under other names such as Agrimend, MTO, Wonderlife, and more. Only official distributors of US Soil are allowed to use the Planters II brand name, and we continue to be around when others have left the market. Over the years, the results speak for themselves, as does the commitment from the Lionelle Family.

Planters II Solubility
Product Solubility H2O to Dissolve 1 lb.
Planters II 30% 0.39 Gallons
Gypsum Dihydrate 0.20% 60 Gallons
Planters II Growth Logo

* Registration differences vary mainly based on NPK levels. Check with your local state registry, as Planters II can vary between an Agricultural Mineral and Fertilizer based on state specific regulations.

** Order of analysis may vary based from State to State. See labels for official listing.