Health Starts From The Ground Up

Planters II corn crops in Iowa

All of us grow up learning that all life starts from a simple, tiny seed. We watch that seed mature, a miracle of life, and we ask ourselves where does that life come from? The answer: life starts in the soil. Our soil is teeming with life. It is rich, healthy and fertile. Unfortunately, we have a habit of working against that life. We have a habit of taking that life, the nutrients, and not returning them to the soil. We have a habit of working against nature and "the plan". That is unacceptable!

The answer comes down to nutrients and soil life. With every crop, we mine essential life giving nutrients from the soil. For example, a corn crop removes 200 lbs of minerals not including NPK from your soil every year. These nutrients are essential to crop development both in quality and quantity. In exchange for these lost nutrients, we find ourselves pouring on more and more fertilizers to make up for the loss. Many times, these fertilizers are hazardous to the life in the soil, not to mention our own health! Yes our yields may go up, but are we helping ourselves in the long-run? Absolutely not! Lets put a stop to that cycle, and start a program that builds life and nutrients in your soil, your crop and your life.

Start a program that begins with a simple four letter word: LIFE.

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Working in Agriculture Since 1947

Applying Planters II Welcome to U.S. Soil, Inc's official website. Since 1947, U.S. Soil has spear-headed change in the farming communities across the United States. Since before organic and sustainable farming practices were popular, we have promoted the use of smart sustainable farming practices, with a strong mineral fertilizer for your crops, your livestock and your soil. Our mission has always been to bring technology back down to earth, so that we may set the building blocks for the future.

Planters II Foundation Mineral Fertilizer is easy to use, safe, and an inexpensive source of essential minerals working together to promote balance and life in your soil. For the past 60 years, we have promoted farming in agricultural communities across America. Whether you have corn, wheat, wine grapes / vineyards, fruit, oats or alfalfa - Planters II Fertilizer is for you.

At U.S. Soil, we encourage you to never accept anything less than the very best. Planters II is Registered, Tested and Proven to work. Take your time, explore your needs and go with a product that really works. A product that is backed by years of tradition and results.