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Fruits, Nuts, and Vegetables

When it comes to edible crops, Planters II helps in two major areas. It helps with the yield of crops, often by increasing the weights, and it helps with the sugar / brix levels of the crops. The sweeter it is, the more benefits you get; including a better quality product. Furthermore, expect to see increased nutrient content for all your crops, as it is the minerals that define the nutrients.

Customer Reports: Apples 34% Increase
Apples and Planters II
Planters II is used on apple and cherry orchards throughout the United States, most predominately in Washington. They show increased yields, increased sugar content, higher survivability, especially against sudden freezing weather, and above all, a top quality product. Many customers report that they do not use calcium sprays with Planters II as it provides all the calcium needed for the entire year! Further more most customers report a 34% increase in yields, and higher quantities of extra fancy.
Heavy Pecans
Pecans and Planters II
Plant available minerals are essential to the weight and size of your nut trees, including pecans. A study performed in New Mexico showed nearly a double increase in the weight and size of the pecans harvested that year!
Sweet Carrots
Carrot Sweetness and Planters II
Sweeter carrots are more desirable. With Planters II, expect an 11% increase in the sugar levels! This study was done with scientific significance of 5%.
Asparagus Yields Planters II
The state average for asparagus grown in Washington is 42 CWT / acre (roughly 2.1 tons). Hass farms in Washington grew 2.16 tons / acre for his control crop, and 3.48 tons / acre with Planters II. His farm continues to get good yields, even with minimal inputs!
Sugar Beet Yields
Sugar Beet Yields and Planters II
In Clovis, New Mexico sugar beets were tested both for yields and sugar quality. Both the control plots and the Planters II plots were tested before hand to ensure they had essentially the same soil type. Then for the Planters II Field, they added 250 lbs / acre. The results? Over an extra ton of beets was produced with an increase in sugar content. Quality and Quantity!
Sweet Sugar Beets
Sugar Beet Yields and Planters II
Quality and Quantity! Increasing sugar levels is important for a sweet sugar beets!