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Throughout the years, Planters II has shown increased yields on corn crops. Near Aplington, Iowa the US Soil test farm grew 204 bu / acre corn without the use of NPK back in the 1970s and early 80s, proving that Planters II is the best for your farm. Today, customers regularly report 243 bu / acre with minimal inputs, and above 250 bu / acre with standard inputs!

Filled Ears of Corn
Ears filled to the end
Good quality corn should always be filled to the end of the ear with solid, heavy kernels. Minerals are essential for doing that, and with Planters II you can count on filled ears, increasing both quality and yields. The picture above is taken near Goodland Kansas. The fields in the area were having issues with small ears or ears half filled. Our customers had the highest yields in the area with full sized ears, completely filled with kernels.
Increased Brix Levels
Corn Brix Customer Study: 2010 McIntire, Iowa
Seed Control Planters II
Blue River 44R57 5 Brix (ear)
3 Brix (stalk)
14 Brix (ear)
8 Brix (stalk)
Masters Choice 515
(high sugar)
13 Brix (ear)
5 Brix (stalk)
16 Brix (ear)
9 Brix (stalk)

Brix studies have shown increased quality, yields, insect resistance, and flavors for crops. In 2010, corn was being purchased with high brix levels for ethanol processing, and our local customers were asked to plant with an expensive high sugar seed to provide optimal corn. Our customers countered the request by showing Planters II mixed with traditional seed produces higher brix than the high sugar seed. They further showed that even wih high sugar seed, Planters II continues to increase the sugar levels. The ethanol facility learned Planters II customers had better quality corn.

Customer Photo: Strong Root Systems
Strong Root Systems
Strong root systems make a drastic difference in survivability. Corn grown with Planters II has over 3 times the root system of the control group, grown on the same farm, the same year, within a few feet of each other! Planters II makes a difference in quality and survivability.
Planters II Essential for Corn
Results always
Planters II shows proven agronomic value. Even in perfect conditions, adding Planters II to your program can more than double the growth rate for your corn! Imagine what yield benefits you will gain using Planters II.
Planters II Essential for Corn

Whether you grow certified organic corn, gmo corn or somewhere in between, Planters II Fertilizer for agriculture can help your crop. In fact, it has been helping corn crops for over 60 years, proven in the field.

  • Stronger root systems means survivability!
  • Reduced NPK needs mean higher profit margins.
  • Greatly increased sugar / brix content.
  • Increased growth rates.
  • Increased yield.
  • We have seen 205 bu / acre using organic seed, only Planters II and zero NPK.
  • We have seen 250+ using GMO seed with NPK and Planters II.
  • More importantly, ears are filled to the end with full heavy kernels.