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Wheat, Oats, and Milo

Increased root structures and increased grain weight, these are within reach. Planters II is minerals for agriculture, and your farm will benefit greatly with Planters II.

Exceptional Oats
Oats and Planters II
In the high Colorado mountains grown on the Lionelle ranch, growers applying Planters II to oats produced 128 / bu per acre. That is good, but the fantastic part - their test weight was 64 lbs / bu! That is exceptional.
Customer Report: Kansas Wheat
Goodland Kansas Wheat Customer Reports
Year Regional Average Planters II Fields
1 45 bu / acre 59 bu / acre
2 45 bu / acre 78 bu / acre
Imagine what you can do on your fields with Planters II minerals for agriculture.
Wheat Root Growth Increased
Better Roots and Planters II
Only 30 days after application, wheat treated with Planters II shows double the root structure of the control groups. Increased roots means higher survivability and better yields.
Drought Resistance
Drought Resistance and Planters II
Plants treated with Planters II show increased drought resistance. This image really highlights just how much stronger plants grown with Planters II are than the control group. Planters II means your fields gain survivability.
Milo Increased Weight
Milo and Planters II
In Clovis, New Mexico customers reported the control to be 1521 and the acres with 250 lbs of Planters II to produce 3101 lbs per acre! Furthermore, they found the acres treated with Planters II required one-less watering. Why does this work? Minerals are essential to product quality and weight. Planters II is available immediately when your crops need it.
Application Rates
For most wheat crops, apply between 150 - 200 lbs / acre. For oats and milo, apply 200lbs an acre. Due to the high plant availability of Planters II and pH tolerance, it will work on any pH of the soil and feed your crops directly. Consult with your local agronomist for exact rates.