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Nursery Stock

Planters II Fertilizer is ideal for increasing both the survivability and growth rate for your nursery stock. When you are talking about a product that is only cycled every few years, the advantages of increased survivability and growth are obvious. North Carolina State University performed such research looking into the benefits of Planters II for you and your crops.

Growth Study
Tree Growth and Planters II
Dr. Bruck of North Carolina State University used Planters II as a way to prevent forest deforestation due to climate conditions and poor soils. He found even with minimal amounts of Planters II, his test crops showed increased growth. At a sustaining application rate equivalent to 200lbs an acre, the trees performed 20% better. For a five year growth plan, that makes it a four year crop, giving you quicker turn around on product!
Replant Survivability
Tree Growth and Planters II
Dr. Bruck knew that a percentage of a crop is lost every year when transferring tree stock from greenhouses to fields. With Planters II, he was able to increase the survivability to 100%. Sounds unreal, but use Planters II and see the benefits for your operation today!
Improved Growth
Mahogany Growth and Planters II
Compared to other mineral supplements, Planters II performs the best on its growth increase. This means you gain better stock and quicker turn around!
Calcium Uptake
Mahogany CA Uptake and Planters II
Bruck researching the affects of deforestation of the rainforest knew that calcium increases disease resistance, survivability, and growth, taking three different mineral supplements / mixes and compared them against Planters II. In all trials, Planters II increased calcium uptake more than any other group.