U.S. Soil
Health Starts From the Ground Up

U.S. Soil
Minerals For Agriculture

Start From The Ground Up
Increase Yields and Nutrients
Average Increase in Nutrient Content for Alfalfa, Clover and Grasses
Protein: 38% Calcium: 90%
Phosphorous: 58% Magnesium: 79%
Potassium: 71% Manganese: 121%
Increase Hay Yields
Increase Pecan Weight
Improve Nursery Stock
Serving Farmers Since 1947
Planters II - Specifications

Since 1947, U.S. Soil has been serving farmers and ranchers across North America. Our purpose is to promote healthy, sustainable agriculture, with our belief that health starts from the ground up. Since that time, farmers and ranchers have continued to improve their crops and yields. Start with a foundation of Planters II and get real results.